Born in 1971, he lives in South Korea. Since 2005 he works in South Korea and in Germany. Since 2006, he teaches pfotography, video, multi media, animations, comics, ilustration and design at the Kongju National University in Gonju, at the Kongju Communic
2004 Berlin University of Arts (UDK Berlin ), graduate in art, student of Prof. Dieter Appelt. 2005 Berlin University of Arts ( UDK Berlin ), Master student of Stan Douglas
2008 Diffring Prize, Diffring Foundation Berlin, Germany
Solo Exhibitions    
2004 Art Convent de la Missio Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 2005 Joachim Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 2006 Farmer's Biograph, Gongju Culture House, South Korea. 2008 Artcentr a:rt, Daejeon, South Korea. 2009 "Next Code", Art Center b

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